About us


Bluetrekkers is a website for people who want to discover culture, nature and food in the beautiful Italy, in particular in two amazing regions like Liguria and Piedmont!!

Bluetrekkers was born in 2008 from the synergy of Francesca and Mirko who decided, both for their vocation and their education, to improve their professionalism day by day, to transform their passion for walking, studying nature and enjoying towns, hamlets, food and wine, in a real job!!!

We are based in Genova (Liguria, about 600,000 inhabitants) and organize daily tours in Liguria and Piedmont mainly, but with the help of other professional guides, we organize amazing days even in Tuscany! While, with the help of certified local Tour Operators, we can offer to our guests even multiple days tours!!!


Francesca was born in Genova, the main town of the beautiful Ligurian coast. She has a degree in geology and she is a certified hiking and city guide: her big passion is to join together nature, traditions and food, working both in Liguria and Piedmont.The steep cliffs and the medieval hamlets of the Cinque Terre Park, the wild slopes and the fishing villages of the Park of Portofino, the painted palaces of Genova and the soft rolling hills of Piedmont, together with truffles, cheeses, wines create the perfect mix to involve her guests!! She is even an expert of local rocks, plants, fish and a very good cook of the local pesto and focaccia!

Mirko was born in the west side of Genova. He has a degree in Natural Science and he is a certified hiking guide, his big passion is to sail, to navigate and to stay in the open air, mainly by the sea! Mirko loves good wines and good foods as well: even for him the mix between nature, traditions and local products is the main focus of his interests!!


There are few colleagues working with us: hiking guides, like Francesca and Boris and city guides like Simona, Giovanna, Roberta and Valeria